Yamdrok #30, Tibet 1999
It is said that the holy lake of Yamdrok never runs dry.

I had been told it made a beautiful view so I made a detour to see it on my way from Lhasa to Gyantze. I saw a prayer flag flying over one of the small mountains overlooking the lake and deciding that it would make the ideal foreground for the lake to photograph I distributed the two hundred pounds of photographic equipment between my guide, a driver, a porter and myself and we all set off for the summit. Although it was only a hill of about 300 meters high, the pass where we left the car was 4750 meters above sea level and the air was thin. The lack of oxygen affected not only me, but also my Tibetan crew and when we finally came in sight of the top, my dear driver, who had been leading the way, cried out in his heavily accented English, "Wrong Mountain!"

Indeed, we had inadvertently climbed the hill next to the one we initially aimed for. We descended the "wrong mountain" and by the time we finally reached the top of the "right mountain" we were all drenched in sweat, out of breath and speechless.