Mustang #47, Nepal 1998
Six days of travelling from mountain to mountain, valley to valley, mostly on foot, sometimes on horseback at an altitude of over 4000 meters. I begin to wonder if I am really an ancient monument photographer or mountaineering photographer.

I spotted a prayer flag on top of a distant mountain. From the height of the mountain and its grand location I guessed that it must mark the site of an important Mani mound so I decide to climb up to it.

The equipment is distributed among the porters and my guide then we begin the ascent. For a "monument photographer" , the climb up a partially snow-covered mountain at an altitude of 4000 meters is no easy task, but the porters make the ascent at a steady pace, even though they are only wearing sandals over bare feet. I tell myself that I will definitely start working out at the gym when I get back to New York, although goodness knows how many times I have made the same promise to myself in the past.

We arrived to the peak to find just a simple prayer flag with several small stones to hold it in place. That was all.

But on top of a bald mountain, a flag and several stones emit strong existence of the invocation. I felt I saw the essence of pray.

The mountain, the sky, the sun, and the prayers flag flutter in the wind. I added one more stone to the pile at the base of the pole then begin the long climb down.