Druk #437, Bhutan 2006
In the Cheri gompa, near Thimphu, there are numerous small structures scattered on a mountain. Some of these are the mediation huts, for monks to meditate as long as three years without a contact to the outer world.

The main monastery, with a sanctuary, is built on rock cliff of the mountain.

When I was photographing a monk in the rock terrace, I saw a man with a boy and a baby walked into the monastery. The family wore somewhat pure atmosphere, noticeable even within the sacred Cheri Gompa, where the stillness rules.

After I finished photography of a monk, I went into the sanctuary to pray thanks to the ruler of the place, and found a curious object placed before the altar.

I was told it was a ritual object to send a deceased spirit away, on the seventh day of the death.

A man and a young boy sat there and prayed. The baby, though he may not aware of the ritual, but seems understands he is in the solemn place, and his mother had left forever.

He was looking into the altar, may be into the space beyond the alter, as if he sees something which we would not. I realized the family was the part of sacred air of the Cheri Gompa.