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This work is to portray the Dignity and Hope of the people, young and old, man and woman, fortunate or unfortunate, especially the people who live on the fringe of society.

Along the course of photographing “Sacred Places” of the world over past 30 years, I began to sense that all people are walking with dignity toward a distant light.
The light might be rather dim, but it is always in the same place. It is like Polaris, a beacon to the people who may have lost their way in this life because of their pain or by their unfortunate fate.
Eternal Light, which can be interpreted as Hope, illuminates gently and equally to all who need it to continue to live.

Photographs are taken at three cities along the Ganges and the Yamuna, the sacred rivers of India.
They are the cities of Varanasi, Allahabad and Vrindavan.
They are the families who come to the city when a family member is coming to the end of life.
They are the people engaged in the cremation of one who is departed from this life.
They are the people who pilgrimage to Allahabad for the Hindu ritual of Kumbh Mela, and the people who live at the holy pilgrimage site.
They are the widows who live in the communal housings, by choice or with no choice, to spend the rest of her life with her God to keep the light in her life.
They are the babies who were given a birth on the fringe of society, and the children who were raised in orphanages trying to overcome their fate.

When one see these photographs in depth, one may see the dignity and the light shine within them, which we may call Hope.